Wednesday, October 30

Scary Bedroom Decor for Halloween

In this Halloween will help you to create the most terrifying atmosphere in your bedroom! This chandelier turn your bedroom in the forest. This is an amazing and not expensive idea for Halloween decoration. I think you can craft such chandelier your own hands.

Wednesday, October 23

Chair for bedroom

The bedroom must have not only bed and chests, but another furniture too! For examle, the chair is one of the most convinient pieces of bedroom furniture. You can sit on it in front of a mirror, also it is convenient when you changing clothes. This Stripe Fabric Chair features a tight curved barrel back and soft seat cushion. A covered base completes the casual style.

Tuesday, October 15

Modern bed by ESF Furniture

This wonderful Modern bed by ESF Furniture is upholstered in white and beige leather. Available in Queen and King sizes. The bed has amazing curved base.

Monday, October 7

Wednesday, October 2

Silk Mattress by Hevea Collection

The Hevea Grove 12" Select Silk Mattress is made with natural latex foam. This is amazing and comfortable mattress specially designed for platform beds. Natural latex mattresses have a high resistance against lumpiness. Made in USA.
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