Sunday, November 24

Pop Up Trundle Bed

The Pop Up Trundle bed made to fit under a daybed. It pops up to bed height to make a full sized bed. It is a twin size place for added sleeping. The pop up trundle bed is functional and usefull item for your daily life.

Tuesday, November 19

Milady 4 Door Wardrobe

Milady 4 Door Wardrobe
This charming 4 Door Wardrobe from Milady Collection looks majestic. It features big storage with two doors for clothes and storage with shelves for underwear and others. Two doors have a big mirror at the front. Thanks to rich color of walnut finish this wardrobe can easily fits any decors.

Sunday, November 3

How climbers are sleeping?

Very often climbs up the mountain takes a long time and requires a lot of physical and psychological endurance. When climbers spend a few days on a steep hillside, they set up camp right there, using a special platform as a bed and a temporary tent.

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