Tuesday, December 24

5 EXAMPLES OF CEILING BED. It is creative, modern and convenient

In metropolitan areas is always a problem with space. Have a small apartment it becomes a norm. So how do you solve the problem with free space in your apartment? Because you want to have a living room and bedroom too!
The Ceiling bed - this is a brilliant idea how to connect or integrate two rooms into one! Thanks to a special technology such beds can climb up, thus leaving space for a table, chairs or sofas.

Sunday, December 15

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Full size, Queen, King and Cal. King sizes of mattress

Mattress Sizes
All mattresses are made according to certain standards. So what about the standards? We hope that info will be useful for you!

Twin Mattress size: 39" wide x 75" long
Full Mattress size: 54" wide x 75" long

Wednesday, December 11

EcoSense 8" Memory Foam Mattress

This EcoSense Gold Bond Mattress is completely environmentally friendly. It consists of: castor oil with recycled foam polymers. Sleep on this mattress is not only comfortable and pleasant, but also good for health.

Wednesday, December 4

Creative Rustic Bed with Horses on headboard and footboard

Sometimes such creative pieces of furniture makes us wonder! This amazing bed constructed from large planed timbers. Headboard and footboard is decorated with carved wooden horses.
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